Workers must demand new elections in Germany!


Workers must demand new elections in Germany!

10 January 2018

With the official start of exploratory talks between the Christian Democrats (CDU/CSU) and the Social Democrats (SPD), the political conspiracy being hatched in Berlin is entering a new stage. Behind the backs of the population, the ruling class is working to install the most right-wing government in Germany since the fall of Hitler’s Third Reich.

The government programme being discussed is so anti-working class, militaristic and reactionary that the first round of negotiations took place in SPD headquarters at Willy Brandt House not only behind closed doors, but behind mirrored windows to prevent the press from taking photographs. The 39 participants of the exploratory talks have agreed on a ban on interviews to prevent the contents from being leaked to the public.

Officially, this secretiveness is being justified by the fact that the earlier coalition talks between the Christian Democrats, the Free Democratic Party and the Greens had failed on 19 November, because participants had divulged the course of the discussions and commented on them in public interviews, on talk shows and via social media.

In reality, the ruling class is resorting to such secretive measures because it fears the mounting opposition to their policies of militarism, internal rearmament and social austerity. According to a recent Insa survey, only 30 percent of respondents would support a continuation of the grand coalition, and there is substantial public support for new elections.

Under these conditions, the Socialist Equality Party (Sozialistische Gleichheitspartei, SGP) is renewing its call for new elections. A clique of right-wing conspirators must not be permitted to get its way without any mandate from the people. In a new election…

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