Workers and young people speak to SEP campaigners at Sanders rallies in southeast Michigan


“You have a perspective from the working man, not from the corporate media”

Workers and young people speak to SEP campaigners at Sanders rallies in southeast Michigan

Tom Hall

6 August 2018

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Volunteers for the campaign of Niles Niemuth, the Socialist Equality Party’s candidate for Congress in Michigan’s 12th district, spoke to workers and young people at the Bernie Sanders rallies in Detroit and Ypsilanti. Sanders was in Southeast Michigan to stump for Abdul El-Sayed, a former public health official for the city of Detroit running in the Democratic Party’s gubernatorial primaries this week.

The sentiment among many of the attendees demonstrated growing anger over rising social inequality, opposition to the drive to war and a deep disaffection with the entire political establishment. Many workers and young people attended the rallies in search of a new political perspective, in opposition to the pro-capitalist policies of both the Democrats and Republicans.

This healthy and welcome sentiment stood in marked contrast to the demagogy which flowed from the platforms at both events, where Sanders and El-Sayed took turns attempting to convince voters that the Democrats, whose sharp move to the right has been demonstrated by the flood of ex-military and CIA operatives into its primary contests, is a party representing the interests of working people.

Aware that they are standing on politically thin ice, Sanders and El-Sayed staffers sought unsuccessfully to prevent SEP campaigners from speaking to attendees. Journalists from the World Socialist Web Site were denied press credentials at both events.

“The decision to try to bar reporters from the World Socialist Web Siteand…

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