Viral Apologies and Jeremy Corbyn

It was public, expressive and demanded.  The apology by Ben Bradley, a social media hazard but also Tory member of the UK House of Commons, is something that will put detractors of Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn on notice.  While accusations have been made about the emerging cult of the Corbynista ringed by the steel of Momentum, Corbyn has weathered his fair share of accusations from espionage turn coat to terrorist sympathiser.

On the milder end of the spectrum come suggestions that Corbyn the Prime Minister would disable Britain as a nuclear power.  To have Corbyn at Number 10, for instance, would be a gargantuan handicap in nuclear war, a point shared by some of his own party members. In 2017, for instance, the Labour leader told the founder of the Glastonbury festival, Michael Eavis, that he would, on becoming prime minister, get rid of Trident with speed.  When confronted with the prospect of nuclear oblivion, he would be reluctant to push any relevant buttons concerned with the venture.

Another vulnerable heel identified by Tory members and strategists has been Corbyn’s intimate association with members of the left, both granite hard and solidly firm.  When expulsions of certain militant wings were suggested from the Labour fold, including the Trotskyist Militant Tendency, Corbyn resisted with bite.  As chairman of the Hornsey constituency party, he signed a membership card for former member of the International Marxist Group, Tariq Ali.  This was a…

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