Viktor Orban and Scott Walker: “Reconsider It!”

Protesters poured into the streets of Budapest by the thousands the past few nights with calls for Hungary’s Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, to “reconsider it!” The policy to be reconsidered is what Hungary’s workers are calling the government’s new “slave law” requiring labor to work up to 400 mandatory hours of overtime (think: every Saturday all year at 8 hours a day), with the “promise” of pay 3 years later. Meanwhile, recent weeks saw protestors in Wisconsin marching to their capitol demanding the outgoing Republican Governor, Scott Walker (“butler” to the “black energy” oil and coal baron Koch Brothers), halt plans to restrict the powers of the new incoming Democratic governor. Changes to giveaways to big business through the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, among other measures, would be foreclosed, ensuring that public gravy keeps getting ladled out to business interests favored by the Republicans.

The Soviet Union always declared it was ‘dizzy with success’ on economic performance. They buried (pun intended) their critics in statistics to prove the point. Hungary’s Viktor Oban and Wisconsin’s (Hungary on the Great Lakes) Scott Walker, while not literally burying critics (both bully them), fill and filibuster media space with data declaring their economic victories justify their rule.

Closer inspection reveals the fraud of these successes. Their chief claim to taking a victory lap in Hungary and Wisconsin is full…

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