Vacant Kismet | Dissident Voice

My guardian angel hovered over me one night,
In a glowing halo,
Sparkling so bright
That I had to close to my eyes
To be able to discern what He wanted from me!

See you, said He, see you the reality of the world
See you the suffering, the anguish of unlucky souls
See you the chains which bind them to their actions
See you the impositions which have been forced down their throats?

Pray, you live only by swirling to the beats of my tunes
You live merely by seeing up to the tip of the nose
Though you are made of a kind nature
You remain a selfish one, like so many others, like you!
For, of what use is crying over the agonizing souls
If you attempt not in setting them free?

I was then thrust into a cyclic passageway
Which took me to the future
And what I saw scared me!

Salty water lashed out everywhere, as if it raged at being
People, or the few who managed to save themselves,
Sat in despair on a patch of dry land
While, seemingly waiting for the water to rise some more
And to engulf them in its abyss!
Their faces were worn and hunger could be seen in their irises
Diseases could be smelled all over their being,
Making the atmosphere a darkened one
Gloomier than the limits of Hell!

Why, it would seem that their souls were lashing out at them
Regretting having ever wanted to take birth in this weird world!

Pray, wondered I, as I sat up in my bed
What is this world,
Where is the sustainable future that everyone expects to see?

The world, said my guardian angel
Is naught but a huge mess revolving…

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