US rabbis want potential envoy to Israel rejected


Hundreds of American rabbis have signed a letter against the appointment of David Friedman as the United States’ ambassador to Israel, describing his ideology as “extreme.”

The open letter, which was released on Monday, has been signed by as many as 600 American rabbis and cantors, The Times of Israel reported.

The signatories took issue with Friedman’s fervent and oft-repeated support for Israel’s settlement activities in the West Bank and his strong opposition to the “two-state solution.”

“Mr. Friedman’s pro-­settler positions and opposition to the two-­state solution are in conflict with our views and the majority of American Jews who see settlement expansion as an obstacle to peace and who strongly support a two­-state solution,” they said.

They called his views not representative of the American society, and his general behavior unbefitting of an envoy.

“An ambassador is charged with representing our entire nation,” they…

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  • Brother Nature

    Yup. Good job Rabbis!

  • hvaiallverden

    I am feed up with bullshit and barrages of utter nonsense and flat-out lies.

    The Rabbis knows this to, the greatest enemy to the Jews is their own, the fake jews.
    I have never instigated violence, but never will I lower my stand with the Palestinian people.
    How is it possible for an Polak (Khazar or AzkheNazi) to claim He is an Semitic one, and have all the rights to another mans land, that alone, tells me everything, changing names dont hide the facts, does it, and am I lying.
    Ask ZukerBerg, hehe, whom is He really, do you know, it, do you.

    How blinded by political bullshit arent this debate, where the truth is that our problem isnt the Palestinians right full fight against an occupying army, the IDF, or Hamas, the Gaza’s right-full Gov.
    But the Israeli present political land shape gives me no hope of anything other than an steady and now openly debated total cleansing of the Palestinian people, and throw them simply out.
    And all the time, while the west whines about Crimea, embargoes Russia for the will of the Crimean people, but is dead silent regarding the present Israel Gov. and the pack of evil scums that is residing in the head quarter of the Kosher Nostra, Tel-av iv.

    Until that is dealt with, I expects nothing, other than sky rocketing hypocrisy and willfully turning away from the ethnic cleaning of the Palestinian people.
    Its an shame.

    May the lord have mercy upon those that have forgotten the law, the sole fundamental of 3 different paths, the Hebrews, and both Christianity and Islam, confirmed by their prophets, and ignored by you all.
    You will burn for that, never think anything is without consequences, everything is about consequences, even if you do nothing, it have consequences, but for those that do know, the consequences are horrible.

    The widow is closing.
    Time to chose.


  • Zaphod Braden

    Does America send a communist Chinese to be our ambassador to China? A communist Russian to Russia? WHY are we sending a Jew to Israel? Send a Christian. And not a “christian-zionist”

  • Chuck (Smithfix) Smith