UK wants continued security partnership with EU after Brexit: Fallon

British Secretary of Defense Michael Fallon says that his country seeks a continued security partnership with Europe after Brexit.

“At a time of increased threats and international instability the UK remains unwavering in its commitment to uphold European security,” Fallon said in a statement on Tuesday.

He also said officials had set out proposals on how British armed forces would continue to work with Europe on security once the country leaves the bloc.

“With the largest defense budget in Europe, the largest Navy, British troops and planes deployed across land, air and sea in Europe, our role in the continent’s defense has never been more vital,” Fallon added.

London is expected to announce its intentions to contribute military assets to the EU in its sixth “future partnership paper,” part of efforts to counter criticism by EU officials that it is not prepared for negotiations to unravel more than 40 years of…

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