Twitter Initiates Alt-Right Purge Days Before NPI Conference

On Tuesday, Twitter suspended a number of prolific Alt-Right accounts. Among those suspended were prolific shitlords such as Paul Town, John Rivers, and Ricky Vaughn – the latter having been suspended from Twitter on what seems to be a daily basis as of late.

In fact, after Ricky’s most recent ban, an imposter account – now suspended – was caught attempting to get Alt-Right accounts to sign-up for a suspicious email list. Ricky Vaughn quickly clarified that the account was not his, but instead was likely created by Louise Mensch, a sad, hollow woman who was frequently ridiculed by Ricky on Twitter.

Interestingly, Richard Spencer, Radix Journal, and Washington Summit Publishers were all banned as well. Whereas the aforementioned shitlords frequently engaged in trolling antics, Richard was generally well-behaved.

Since the Alt-Right has made itself at home on this social media platform for well over a year, one cannot help but wonder why Twitter decided to initiate this purge now.

For one, Richard’s conference, Become Who We Are 2016, is planned for this upcoming weekend. As such, this purge certainly appears to be an attack on the conference and Richard’s endeavors as a whole. That Richard was banned – and hordes of vitriolic Twitter accounts sporting Third Reich iconography were not – speaks volumes.

While Twitter is concerned with censoring right-wing views, it seems to have no problem allowing its platform to be…

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