Trump deploys military to confront “immigrant invasion”


Trump deploys military to confront “immigrant invasion”

30 October 2018

On Monday, the Trump administration and the Pentagon announced the deployment of 5,200 soldiers across the US-Mexico border by the end of the week. This will be the largest combat-ready military mobilization on US soil since the urban rebellions of the late 1960s. The military has given the initiative the mission name “Operation Faithful Patriot.”

Thousands of troops and billions of dollars’ worth of equipment are being mobilized in advance of a major national address by Trump announcing further restrictions on immigration.

The deployment is a direct threat to the lives of thousands of workers fleeing Central American countries ravaged by over a century of US imperialist exploitation, dictatorship and war. With no opposition from any section of the US political establishment, the government is preparing a confrontation with unarmed men, women and children that could rapidly result in US troops shooting, wounding and killing refugees seeking asylum at the US border. Last Thursday, Trump declared the caravan a “national emergency.”

The administration is seeking to manufacture a national security state-of-siege crisis on the eve of the November 6 midterm elections. The aim is to whip up a climate of fear and panic and encourage further right-wing violence in order to stampede voters behind a far-right agenda to be carried out in the aftermath of the vote. At the same time, Trump and his fascistic advisers are working to create the basis for an extra-parliamentary extreme-right movement.

Election Day is to be held in the shadow of a war-like military deployment on US soil, establishing a further precedent for the militarization of US politics and every aspect of social life.

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