Toronto shooting kills three, injures thirteen


Toronto shooting kills three, injures thirteen

Jake Silver

24 July 2018

A horrific shooting on Sunday night on Danforth Avenue in Toronto has left three dead and 13 injured. The victims range from ages 10 to 59.

Video footage shows a man firing full rounds of a semi-automatic handgun into patron-filled restaurants. The fatal victims of the shooting include a 10-year-old girl, an 18-year-old nursing student, and the alleged perpetrator, who succumbed to gunshot wounds shortly after engaging in a firefight with police. Whether the suspect took his own life or received fatal gunshot wounds from police is still under investigation.

The Toronto police have identified the shooter as 29-year-old Faisal Hussain. His family has since released a statement that expresses their horror and devastation at the events and offers their condolences to those suffering from the tragedy. They also stressed that their son had been suffering from severe mental health issues including psychosis and depression.

Despite the family’s statement, the media has sought to whip up fears revolving around gang violence and terrorism with Toronto’s chief of police stating, “It’s way too early to rule out anything.”

The duplicitous response of conservative Mayor John Tory couched the shooting, which he called “an act of cowardly violence,” purely in terms of issues of gun control, saying “there are far too many people carrying around guns who should not have them.”

The newly elected Conservative Premier of Ontario, Rob Ford, issued a statement calling for Ontario residents to “step forward [and] let the appropriate authorities know” about their suspicions of gun violence.

Whatever the immediate cause and motivation behind the social tragedy, it will be seized upon by a political…

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