Three killed, nine injured in Jacksonville, Florida mass shooting


Three killed, nine injured in Jacksonville, Florida mass shooting

Matthew Taylor

27 August 2018

Three people were killed and at least nine injured on Sunday afternoon in Jacksonville, Florida when a gunman opened fire inside of a crowded bar at the Jacksonville Landing, a popular downtown shopping area along the St. Johns River. The gunman was among the dead, reportedly from a self-inflicted wound.

The entire downtown Jacksonville area was under police lockdown after the shooting, with multiple police helicopters hovering overhead. SWAT teams swept through the Landing, where multiple people went into hiding after the shooting started. The Jacksonville Sherriff’s office later announced that they had no further suspects in the shooting.

The bar where the shooting took place, the Good Luck Have Fun Game Bar, was hosting a video game tournament at the time. A live stream of one of the games being played, the popular Madden NFL 19 football game, recorded two players and the audio recording of the shooting.

At least eleven gunshots could be heard in rapid succession on the audio recording. Before the video feed was cut off, a red dot, possibly from a laser gunsight, appeared on the shirt of one of the players. It is unknown at this time if that man was among the killed.

The shooter has been identified by law enforcement as 24-year old David Katz, a resident of Baltimore, Maryland who was a participant in the tournament. Police in Baltimore were preparing to search the suspect’s house on Sunday night. His motive remains unknown.

Many of the players participating in the tournament came from out of state. One player from Chicago, Marquise, who lost friends in the shooting, described the melee to Action News Jax:

“Everyone running for their lives. People were being trampled,…

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