The US pseudo-left’s conspiracy of silence on the Matamoros workers’ rebellion


The US pseudo-left’s conspiracy of silence on the Matamoros workers’ rebellion

Alex González

4 February 2019

It has been three weeks since the start of the courageous strike by 70,000 “maquiladora” workers in Matamoros, Mexico, and self-described “socialist” news outlets in the US have still not written a single article about the walkout.

The World Socialist Web Site alone has extensively reported on the strike and fought to rally support for the Mexican workers from workers in the US, Canada and around the world.

Jacobin magazine, which is closely aligned with the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), Socialist Worker, the publication of the International Socialist Organization (ISO), and Socialist Alternative are engaged in a conspiracy of silence as tens of thousands of highly exploited Mexican workers wage an historic fight against US and Canadian corporations reaping billions in profits.

The pseudo-left has remained silent as company thugs have beaten workers, the corporations have fired hundreds of strikers, and police have threatened the workers with violence.

They have not reported that workers have successfully slowed production thousands of miles away in the US and Canada. They have not reported that the strikers, by withholding their labor, have caused the companies an estimated $40-$50 million in losses per day and won widespread support among Canadian and US autoworkers laboring under similar conditions of exploitation carried out with the collaboration of the unions.

The pseudo-left’s silence is not the result of ignorance. The WSWS has made the strike movement widely known in English, publishing 29 articles on the strikes since January 15, or roughly 1.5 articles per day.

Rather, this silence is a conscious effort to keep workers and…

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