The Snare of Escapism | Dissident Voice

Many things in modern life have an epicurean appeal, a flare that even the most ascetic among us may be hard done by to resist. While it is certainly true that a contemporary, urbanised life demands much of us, sometimes to the point of inducing breakage, this same life also affords us much time to indulge in activities and offerings that were proscribed to our agrarian forebearers. The homestead, with its round-the-clock duties and chores, akin to the care of an infant that a parent must provide, was no friend to a life of leisure and indulgence. But to the extent that some of us modern humans, presently, take our penchants for self-satisfaction is an overshoot into the territory of decadence and self-harm, unwitting as it may be.

All cultures have their rites, rituals and ceremonies in celebration of things, from the ordinary to the auspicious. One common event among some of the most lasting and prosperous cultures was, and remains, the celebration of the harvest at the end of the growing season. This was a time of merriment and appreciation for the bounty reaped from the collective efforts of all those in the community. Celebrations could include anything from the sharing and distribution of annual crops, the sharing of fermented drinks, folk dance, theatre and song, and fireworks displays. When one considers the many arduous forms of work involved in farming, it only makes sense that people would rejoice at its end-stage.

Juxtapose this rustic lifestyle to…

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