The Post-Modern Project Is Not Complete

The post-modern project is not complete. The fundamental meta-narrative of capitalism continues to persist and bewitch a vast sum of humanity. If the post-modern condition is defined by “an incredulity towards meta-narratives”,, then, the meta-narrative of capitalism is the last great bastion of the Enlightenment and its two-faced ideal of human equality and civic emancipation. Indeed, the meta-narrative of capitalism, the crown-jewel of the Enlightenment, continues to prosper and enslave, both mentally and physically, the rational human spirit, with dreams of material and immaterial luxury, opulence, and egalitarian abundance, which as always, are items manufactured on material and conceptual exploitation, domination, and the immiseration of the global workforce/population.

The bastard children of the Enlightenment, and its zeal for human preservation and emancipation through an ever-confining set of iron-cage rational-mechanisms are comprised of two factions currently in vogue. The first faction includes the dark, fascist nightmares of the current, right-wing wave of dark Enlightenments, who yearn for a vast set of repressive-mechanisms under some sort of fascist, corporate, dictatorship etc., so as to re-establish old Enlightenment dichotomies, whereupon people are put in their place through coercion, if need be. More or less, the dark Enlightenment is a devil’s bargain in the sense that it is an exchange of freedom for self-preservation; i.e., safety….

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