The “Me Too Movement”, Sexual Politics and Unnatural Justice

The overthrow of iniquitous power relations is a point many would celebrate. But such overthrows are themselves marked by the contradiction of their origins. Any revolution must, by its very nature, suffer inconsistency, defeats and weaknesses.

In the United States, a different sort of sexual revolution is taking place.  It is not linked to liberation in the way sex was linked to the emancipation of the body in previous decades. There is something distinctly sombre, calculating, and determinedly forceful about the movement to wrest control from men who generally have had it good in the power stakes. Cloaks and covers are being blown.

Those being placed on the pyre for burning are now so numerous as to warrant a multitude of scrapbooks and scribbles.  From across the political spectrum, the casualties are accumulating in the media, political and publicity circuit. Figures considered creature of good repute have been cast to the wolves.  A total inversion seems to be taking place, from the newspaper cycle to the White House.

The problem with such matters is that the allegation has started to assume a substitute force of conviction. It has become sufficient for individuals to lose their positions because allegations, untested by the wearing rigour of cross-examination and investigation, have assumed the force of de facto law.

Even within this accelerating movement, there are disagreements about how far one should go in dismembering the order and its attributes….

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