The Intellectual Dark Web – LewRockwell

You are not where you think you are, reading this: not at home, nor on your yacht, nor hiding from the law in some overripe equatorial dump. Unfurling the crisp pages of Takimag over your morning schnapps, you are somewhere quite different: deep in the finest gossamer of the Intellectual Dark Web. Such a fiendish-sounding thing seems to have sprung from the pages of a Marvel comic—not the pages of The New York Times. Clicking through, I was disappointed to find the reality is somewhat more prosaic than the name implies—just writers and YouTubers, plying their trade, having the same conversations online that they might have in person. What distinguishes it is—of course—that they are not the same conversations that happen down at the Times.

Back in the heady days of techno-utopianism—that is, before 2016—there was a more archaic phrase for this phenomenon: “the internet.” Back then, the web was a splendid thing. A liberal’s wet dream! Somewhere people would meet and each—in their own esoteric manner—uncover their monocultural future. The despotism of the majority realized! 2016—or “Fuck 2016”, as I believe it’s known to liberals—changed all that. It turned out the web actually did what it said on the tin—disintermediated debate, laying the way for the direct-democratic protests of Trump and Brexit.

The initial punching down was predictable. You thickos! You uneducated conservatives with your troglodyte IQs! “Data” was produced to serve the point that conservatives are just more stupid.

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