The Hubris of Dries Verhoeven

By Mundilfury |

Our indispensable friends at Defend Europa have quite rightly drawn attention to a public art display in the city of Utrecht, in the Netherlands. Entitled “Sic transit gloria mundi” (Thus passes the glory of the world) it depicts the toppled monument of white Western man.

The art installation’s description appears on artist Dries Verhoeven’s own website:

At a time when controversy surrounds colonial memorials, the West’s most recent dominance is beginning to show signs of collapse. Russia, and Asian economic giants are breathing down our neck. In Africa, China is fast becoming the new imperialist power and Islamic nations, thanks to migrants living here, exert a growing influence on Western culture. This calls for a new vision of our role in the world.

In collaboration with the Western Hegemony National Monument Committee and the city of Utrecht, a cenotaph is to be erected on the Neude in 2018. Spring marks the beginning of its construction.

It is essentially a monument celebrating the end of Western hegemony. Defend Europa was quite right in its characterization of the…

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