The Commodification of Art | Dissident Voice

Art is the last line of defense against authoritarian control, and artists are contemporary shamans delivering message. The eternal protectors of this little light of mine. Within the artist resides connection to source that rejects what is diseased within the soul of humanity. The artist courageously holds the lamp of truth in the darkness when all other luminaries have absconded into the void.

The premonitions of the artist are what defines an epoch until the pendulum swings and signal degradation renders the vision inert, at which point a new message is necessary. A new plan must be envisioned with sufficient emotional thrust behind it to launch an incipient vision into being, and propel us to escape velocity out of the gravitational lure of petrified ideologies that entrap our minds in cultural falsehoods. Art provides a perspective shift, and it’s the artist’s conscious awareness tuned into a vibrational hum resonating at a precise frequency that shakes apart the inset stagnation of the masses, laying waste to their broken institutions, and illuminating a path to the genesis of novel ideas.

Deduction, experience, and empathizing with a myriad of emotional dispositions are the catalysts of artistic creativity. The authentic artist’s world is unencumbered by boundaries, yet an insular place – personal, esoteric, and unsullied. A world where potentialities run free in creative bursts; new artistic rhythms foment in a semi-lucid state of alchemical flow…

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