Reverse Logic: No “God Bless America” But Damn America for Its Deeds

It’s as if a moral and cultural bomb has been detonated now that this guy tweets and says things not allowed in school. I have youth in my ‘behavior room’ saying stuff right from the president’s mouth. These words and statements we do not allow children to say in school. Racist and sexist and anti-disabilities things, we don’t tolerate but the president is spouting off these horrendous statements. I’ve already got my hands full with young people who have intellectual and developmental disabilities that put them in the behavioral and defiance categories. With Trump, my caseload of high school youth spouting off hate and racist comments is skyrocketing. – said a social worker/counselor at a very big high school near Portland, Oregon

So the beat goes on, as Americans try and handle the boorish and perverted nature of a billionaire (sic) with some absolutely shady and possibly felonious history. He’s an easy mark, really, Trump, and he is not the president of the USA, in any sense of the George W way, if you barely delve into the voter fraud deployed by his conservative, wacko-Zio-Christo henchmen. Simple facts, and I guarantee, if I brought up these facts as a teacher to my youth as a social worker, and if they went back to mamma or papa or my bosses, I would get sacked.

Because, liberals only pout and pucker their mouths and touch their cheeks in abhorrent shock when something slightly right of their middle of the road sensibilities get…

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