Prison » Tucker Carlson Beats CNN’s Entire Line-Up Combined, So Now CNN Targets His Advertisers

This is why they hate Tucker

Paul Joseph Watson
April 3, 2019


After Tucker Carlson outperformed CNN’s entire prime time line-up combined, CNN published an article attacking his advertisers.

The Fox News host achieved 3,475,000 total viewers last week, beating CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo, who could only muster 2,474,000 viewers between the three of them.

CNN responded with an article lauding the claim that “Carlson’s commercial breaks have had only a smattering of ads from lesser-known brands.”

According to CNN, this is because the Fox News host, “made racist remarks on immigrants in December,” even though he didn’t and was merely making the factual observation that migrant caravans often leave a trail of litter behind them.

CNN then amplified Mimi Chakravorti, the executive director at the branding firm Landor, who basically threatened advertisers that if they continued to appear alongside Tucker’s show, they would be in violation of ‘the great awokening’ – in other words, the increasingly shrinking number of viewpoints that remain acceptable and politically correct to the establishment.

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