Prison » New link between brain cell size and IQ may help scientists find a way to enhance human intellect

Daily Mail
May 2, 2018

For the first time, scientists have discovered that smart people have bigger brain cells than their peers.  

As well as being bulkier, the cells are better connected to their neighbours, allowing them to process more information at a faster rate.

If results of the study are confirmed, it could help researchers find a way to enhance our intelligence.

A study, led by Natalia Goriounova at the Free University Amsterdam, gave an IQ test to 35 people who were due to undergo brain surgery, according to report in New Scientist. 

During surgery, doctors took a small sample of healthy brain tissue from the temporal lobe of the volunteers.

This piece of human brain was then kept alive for testing in a lab.

Dr Goriounova compared the size and shape of the brain cells with volunteers’ IQ scores.

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They found that the brain cells are significantly bigger in people with higher IQs.

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