Prison » Leftists Triggered By Trump 2020 Ad That Asks Americans To Call And Thank POTUS

Video claims Trump has “achieved more during his time in office than any president in history”

Steve Watson
December 18, 2018

It appears that President Trump’s first ad for a 2020 reelection campaign has been released, and it has caused deranged leftists to scream toward the sky.

The ad, which was reportedly run on CNN of all places, sees 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale asking Americans to call a hotline and “let President Trump know that we appreciate what he is doing for America.”

In the ad, Parscale, claims that Trump has “achieved more during his time in office than any president in history.”

“We have a booming economy, historic low unemployment, including the lowest unemployment rate for minorities in history,” Parscale states, accompanied by visuals of factory workers, campaign events and the US flag.

“We’re bringing jobs back to America through new trade deals and the world is a safer place,” the campaign manager adds.

The end of the ad shows Trump at a Christmas-themed rally, which happened in Florida last year, accompanied by footage of supporters saying “Thank you, President Trump!”

“President Trump needs to hear from his supporters,” the voice over states.

A call to the 800 number leads to a Parscale request for donations to Trump’s 2020 presidential campaign, touting “lower regulations, massive tax cuts and renegotiated trade deals that put America first.”

Parscale adds that “enforcing our immigration laws are making Americans safer,” before turning to…

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