Prison » Leftists Harass, Threaten Alex Jones Then Deceptively Edit the Footage to Portray Jones as the Bad Guy

“Eat shit Alex Jones, you’re gonna get it, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you!”

Paul Joseph Watson
March 24, 2019


A group of leftists hurled threats and abuse at Alex Jones during an incident in Austin, Texas last night before deceptively editing the footage to make it look like Jones had initiated the confrontation.

Jones went for dinner at Lucy’s Fried Chicken on South Congress with his wife and Joe Rogan.

They took their seats at a small bar area inside the restaurant. Most of the seating for customers is outside.

Within 5 minutes, a dark haired man entered the bar area from outside, approached Jones, leaned in to his ear and seethed, “Eat shit Alex Jones, you’re gonna get it, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you!”

Jones ignored the man, but 10 minutes later was confronted by another individual, who told him, “Fuck you, fuck your family!”

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

Further obscenities were shouted towards Jones and his wife a third time when the door to the outside briefly swung open.

At this point, Jones told his wife to finish her meal as he felt the situation was going to end badly and wanted to pay the tab and leave.

As soon as Jones and his wife walked outside to leave, he saw a bunch of stereotypical wild eyed, crazy looking leftists screaming about “eating and killing the rich”.

The group had chosen to sit at the table right by the exit door and all had their cameras rolling, having clearly set up the confrontation.

Jones then recognized one of the men who had threatened him earlier. The individual started shouting “eat shit eat shit” over and over again.

Knowing that the footage would be posted to the Internet, Jones began recording video.


Footage of the confrontation was later posted to Reddit and went viral. However, it cut out the part where the leftists initiated the incident by hurling violent threats at Jones and his wife as they sat…

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