Prison » BuzzFeed Caught in Huge Lie About Notre Dame Fire

Claim video showing people reacting with smiley emoticons was a “hoax” when it was completely legitimate

Paul Joseph Watson
April 15, 2019


BuzzFeed lied about the reaction to the Notre Dame fire by claiming that a perfectly legitimate video showing respondents posting smiley emoticons in response to the blaze was a ‘hoax’.

It wasn’t a hoax.

In an article entitled Here Are The Hoaxes And Misinformation About The Notre Dame Fire, BuzzFeed’s Jane Lytvynenko wrote the following;

“InfoWars contributor Paul Joseph Watson tweeted a link to video that claims to show Muslim people celebrating the fire. Watson was amplifying content from a far-right personality named Damien Rieu.”

“Critically, the video in question does not show what people on Facebook were reacting to. It’s also difficult to know the religion of each person reacting to a video en mass. So we really have no idea what was going on here, and there is no proof to back up this claim.”

This is an outright lie. The video in question does show what people on Facebook were reacting to.

Here’s the video I posted.

And here’s the original Facebook video.

As you can see from the original, the respondents are clearly reacting to the Notre Dame fire.

By claiming this to be a “hoax,” BuzzFeed is itself perpetrating a hoax.

Apparently, Lytvynenko thinks that placing a yellow ‘NOPE’ sticker across the tweet invalidates its accuracy. It doesn’t.

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