PressTV-US withdrawal from INF reflects American empire’s decline

United States withdrawal from the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) with Russia reflects the decline of the American empire, says an analyst.

“I think the real reason for this is that the United States sees both China and Russia rising as global powers to compete with the United States both economically, if not necessarily militarily, and there has been a significant decline of the US empire in the last decade or so … I think that this is another move by the US empire to try to prop itself up in the face of an impending collapse,” Jason Unruhe told Press TV in an interview on Thursday.  

“I think that the United States sees that they have a bit of advantage thus far in nuclear weapons technology and they realize that if they withdraw from this agreement now they can maintain the lead over other countries. I think this definitely shows that the United States is becoming desperate in the situation because there is no…

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