PressTV-‘US war against Iran would end Trump presidency’

A US war against Iran would threaten American security and end the presidency of Donald Trump and face stiff resistance from the US public, says an American political analyst.

“I don’t think Trump is going to be posturing against Iran; I don’t think he’s going to be waging conflicts against Iran because it would end his presidency, if not his life” said Scott Bennett, a former US military psychological warfare officer.

“It could also end the United States of America because if Iran was attacked by the United States or Israel in any sort of a joint venture, then you would have Russia and China stepping in to side and defend Iran as well,” Bennett told Press TV on Wednesday.

“Russia and China recognize that if Iran was attacked, then they would be the next nations on the agenda.”

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Tuesday that the United States would continue to cooperate with Israel over Syria and in countering Iran in…

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