PressTV-US mulling new Iran sanctions to bolster riots

The administration of US President Donald Trump is considering imposing more sanctions against Iran, says a senior State Department official, as Washington ratchets up its rhetoric in support of sporadic riots in parts of the country.

Andrew Peek, the deputy assistant secretary of state for Iraq and Iran, said this week that White House was weighing a reaction to the recent wave of deadly unrest that has killed over a dozen Iranians.

“From our part, we will hold accountable those people or entities who are committing violence, from the top to the bottom, against the protesters,” Peek told Voice of America. “That involves examining actions we can take against those individuals, like sanctions and other means.”

Last week, groups of peaceful protesters gathered in several areas across the country, calling on the authorities to address their economic issues. Despite having no mandate, the protests continued uninterrupted for several…

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