PressTV-US forces evacuate military base in northern Syria

The United States has reportedly evacuated a military base in Syria, the first step towards delivering on President Donald Trump’s recent pledge to pull American forces out of the war-torn Arab country.

According to local residents of al-Malikiya, in the northeastern province of Hasakeh, some 50 American soldiers had already left the base and traveled to  a base in Iraq, along with their armored vehicles and other equipment.

The evacuation began after Trump, in an unexpected change of policy, announced he was going to return the troops back home because the Daesh terrorist group was already defeated and there was no reason for the US to extend military presence there.

The US has stationed about 2,000 soldiers in 18 bases across Syria since 2015. The Pentagon says the withdrawal would take between two and three months.

The controversial decision triggered backlash from both Democrats and Republicans in Congress and prompted Defense…

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