PressTV-UK Labour urges ‘real’ end to austerity

Britain’s opposition Labour Party has called on Prime Minister Theresa May to deliver on its promises of ending nearly a decade of austerity, saying May’s administration must show to the public in the next year budget that spending cuts are really over.

Labour’s finance policy chief John McDonnell, the second in command of the party, said Thursday that Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond should avoid sticking to financial “tricks” in his next week budget announcement and  provide the public with facts that could support government claims of ending austerity in Britain after eight years.

“We need decisive action to end and reverse austerity, not some vague promises for the future and a few financial conjuring tricks,” said McDonnell, who is also Britain’s so-called shadow chancellor, adding, “This budget will show us whether she (May) is true to her word or not.”

The Conservative-led government has adopted a series…

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