PressTV-UK fails to charge hate crime suspects: Report

A new report has shown that majority of hate crimes committed on UK railways go unnoticed with authorities failing to take actions against a majority of the suspects.

The report published on the website of the Guardian Newspaper on Tuesday said that the British Transport Police (BTP) ignored abandoned investigation into almost three-quarter of hate crimes reported in the trains and other rail facilities across the UK over the past three years.

The report said a total of 9,407 hate crimes were reported across the rail network between 2015 and the end of May 2018 and police only took action against a tiny portion of the suspects, around 25 percent.

It said almost 40 percent if the hate crimes reported to the BTP in the three-year period did not result in prosecution only because there were no traces of the suspects.

The findings come amid a clear surge in the number of hate crimes committed across the UK. Rights groups have been concerned that…

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