PressTV-UK defense minister threatens to quit over budget cuts

The British defense Minister has threatened to resign if the ministry goes ahead with spending cut plans, under which the army would lose 12,000 soldiers.

Tobias Ellwood, the minister responsible for service personnel and veterans, expressed his “deep discomfort” to his colleagues over the military’s cost-saving measures, which would cut the army’s full-time strength to 70,000 soldiers, The Times reported Saturday.

The cost-cutting proposal that is currently being considered by the Ministry of Defense would reduce the army’s full-time strength to 70,000 soldiers. Other options being considered are delaying an upgrade of tanks and armored vehicles and reducing the number of new Ajax mini-tanks.

The conservative politician implied he would resign if the measures are imposed, the newspaper said.

Citing government sources, The Times said the ministry of defense is “beginning to try and push back” against proposals.

“Right across the…

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