PressTV-UK Conservative Party denies plan for early elections

The ruling Conservative Party in Britain has rejected reports that it is working for an early election if Prime Minister Theresa May fails to go through with her plans for bringing the country out of the European Union.

Tory chairman Brandon Lewis said Sunday that the next general election in the United Kingdom will definitely come in 2022 as planned, rejecting claims that he as head of the party’s internal affairs is working on contingency plans for an early elections in case of a Brexit failure.

Lewis told Sky News that May herself could remain as party leader until the next national election despite reports that she might be replaced by another conservative politician in the meantime.

“The next general election is 2022,” said Lewsis, adding, “I hope she (May) will and I think she will.”

May is trying to gain the approval of the EU for a deal that could guarantee a smooth Brexit in March next year. The premier has faced…

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