PressTV-‘Record numbers of Americans want to leave US’

A record number of Americans have expressed their desire to leave the United States since Donald Trump became president.

A Gallup poll published on Friday revealed that since Trump took office in 2017, record numbers of Americans, especially younger women, want to get out of America.

For years the desire to get out of the US was fixed at around one in ten Americans; however, in the past two years, the desire to leave the US permanently rose to 16% of Americans.

In 2017 and 2018, the record number of Americans said they would like to permanently move to another country — if they could.

This rise in the desire to migrate permanently to another country is linked to a new manifestation referred to as the “Trump effect”.

The “Trump effect”, approval/disapproval of Trump policies, is seen as a push factor in US citizens’ desire to migrate.

40% of young US women opted for another country

The Gallup poll shows that after years of…

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