PressTV-No evidence Russia meddled in US election: Lavrov

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says allegations of Moscow’s meddling in American and European elections are “fantasies.”

Lavrov told reporters in Moscow on Tuesday there was no evidence that Russia had interfered in last year’s US presidential elections.

“Without a single piece of proof, we are as you know being accused of meddling not only in the US election, but also in those in European states,” Lavrov said at a meeting of the Association of European Businesses.

“Recently, there was an allegation that Moscow decided what minister to appoint in South Africa. In general, there is no limit to fantasy,” he added.

Lavrov made the remarks after a US federal grand jury charged three former aides to US President Donald Trump’s election campaign with conspiracy against the United States as part of the Russia inquiry.

On Monday, Trump’s former election campaign chairman Paul Manafort and another former associate appeared…

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