PressTV-MPs reject alternative Brexit paths

British MPs reject the eight alternative Brexit options aimed at ending stalemate in exiting the EU.

“I can now announce the result of today’s recorded vote on motions relating to the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from and future relationship with the European Union. In respect of Mr. Baron’s motion B (No Deal), the ayes were 160, the noes were 400. So the noes have it,” said John Bercow, the speaker of the house of commons.

“In respect of Mr. Nicholas Bole’s motion D, Common Market 2.0, the ayes were 188, the noes were 283, so the noes have it. In respect of George Eustice’s motion H, EFTA and EEA, the ayes were 65, the noes were 377, so the noes have it. In respect of Mr. Kenneth Clarke’s motion J, Customs Union, the ayes were 264, the noes were 272. So the noes have it.”

The Wednesday vote came after Prime Minister Theresa May said she would step down if her Brexit divorce deal is adopted.

The options included abandoning Brexit for…

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