PressTV-Most Americans still have unfavorable view of Trump: Poll

The vast majority of Americans have a negative view of President Donald Trump and believe the United States is deeply divided among racial, religious and political lines, according to a new survey.

Some 83 percent of Americans believe the country is “somewhat” or “very” divided by race and ethnicity, according to the poll conducted by PRRI and The Atlantic.

The poll shows that 91 percent of Americans believe that the country is divided over politics, while 77 percent of the general public agrees that the US is divided over religion.

The survey also found that after two years in office, the public’s view of Trump remains very negative.

Just 36 percent of Americans reported that they held a favorable view of the US president, while 60 percent of the general public said their view of Trump was unfavorable.

White Americans are, overall, more likely than nonwhite Americans to have a favorable view of Trump. Nearly half, or 47 percent,…

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