PressTV-‘Israel expanding settlements due to US support’

Israel is expanding its illegal settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories despite condemnation from the international community because the regime is emboldened by Washington’s “unequivocal support,” says a political analyst.

The comments came after Israeli authorities approved plans for about 2,200 settlement homes in the occupied West Bank.

“In terms of stopping them from the international community, there seems to be nothing. It is pretty united when it comes to most countries in the world that they condemn the settlements, even the United States has been on record multiple times condemning the settlements but there is never any solid action taken against them and without action they are not going to capitulate to the norms of international law, they are not going to listen,” Robert Inlakesh told Press TV in an interview on Thursday.

“So unless there are any repercussions for their actions, if there is anything they…

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