PressTV-Hundreds arrested in UK for being drunk on a plane

UK government is planning new restrictions on drinking alcohol in airports and planes as police statistics show a significant surge in drunkenness on flights and airports that have led to hundreds of arrests over the past two years.

Statistics from police forces in several regions of England published on Wednesday showed that a total of 273 people had been arrested on suspicion of being drunk on a plane or at an airport in 2017 and 2018..

The report said that drunken people had caused significant troubles during flights and in the airports, forcing the government to plan a ban on round-the-clock drinking in airports across England and Wales.

It said the government was considering to extend high street licensing laws which would mean passengers would not be able to buy alcoholic drinks in airports before 10 am.

The Home Office (interior ministry) has also launched a review into the case and will study evidences in the upcoming three months,…

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