PressTV-American youth too fat to serve in US military: Study

At least a third of American youth are too obese to be eligible for military service, a new study has warned, prompting Pentagon officials to make promoting healthy lifestyles a priority.

The report, published Wednesday, found that roughly 31 percent of young American girls and boys are disqualified from military service because of their obesity problems.

The study also warned that around 71 percent of the youth between the ages of 17 and 24 do not meet the required standards for service under the US military’s current recruitment needs.

This is why the US Army missed its recruiting goal of 70,000 soldiers for this year by 6,500.

Mississippi, Louisiana and the District of Columbia, are the three regions that young people suffered the biggest disadvantage, with ineligibility percentages hovering between 75 to 78 percent, the report noted.

Titled “Unhealthy and Unprepared,” the study was put together by Mission: Readiness, a group of…

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