PressTV-Ailing UK Queen plans lavish home re-service

The Queen Elizabeth II, the ailing British monarch who is currently 92, is planning a massive renovation of her historic residence in London with estimates suggesting the project will drain around half a billion dollar of the British taxpayer money.

The Daily Mirror reported on Saturday that the queen would be forced to move out of the Buckingham Palace, the 300-year-old residence she has been living in for the past decades, as the palace is undergoing renovations worth of about $468 million (or £369 million).

The report said the refurbishment of the palace, erected in 1703, would include replacing ageing cables, wires and boilers.

It said there was also the possibility for the monarch and her husband, Prince Philippe, 97, to stay at the palace and relocate to another wing.

Some media outlets and online users seized the opportunity to joke about the luxurious life-style of the ailing pair in the Buckingham Palace, saying that the giant…

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