Peace and Love, Beyond the Neo-Feudal Order

Oh “democracy”, an iron fist of tomahawk missiles ripping through flesh and bone.  Oh “freedom”, 1/2 million ascending souls of Iraqi children delivering wealth to the powerful few.  Oh “justice”, a magic wand of fear and death reigning over the wasting hierarchy of money and violence.

Within the framework of imperialism, all of us, regardless of religion, race, gender or ethnicity, are given the divine right to worship power and money. Anyone who frowns upon such an imperial right can be labeled as “racist”, “misogynist”, or “fascist”.  Speaking against the drone war normalized by President Obama might earn you a label “racist”.  Speaking against Hilary Clinton’s wars and corporatism could turn you into a “misogynist”.  Opposing colonial aggression pushed by the two corporate political parties can make you a part of “axis of evil”.  The framework that justifies colonialism, corporatism and militarism in the name of “democracy”, “freedom” and “justice” turns the the population into accomplices of the unimaginable atrocities and inhumanity.

Anyone who attempts to point out the plight of the oppressed due to their religion, race, gender, class or ethnicity can be labeled as “divisive”, “racist”, “sexist” or “fascist”.  The neo-feudal hierarchy must be detached from material reality and remain as an invisible caste order for the system to perpetuate itself by inflicting structural violence in…

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