No reprieve for mentally ill Virginia man sentenced to die

The governor of Virginia on Thursday refused to grant a last-minute stay of execution to a mentally disturbed death row inmate convicted of killing a prison guard and a police officer during a jailbreak.

William Morva, a 35-year-old dual US-Hungarian citizen who human rights activists say suffers from a mental disorder akin to schizophrenia, is scheduled to die by lethal injection at 9 pm on Thursday (0100 GMT Friday).

“The record before me does not contain sufficient evidence to warrant the extraordinary step of overturning the decision of a lawfully empaneled jury following a properly conducted trial,” said Terry McAuliffe, the Virginia governor who has said he personally opposes capital punishment but has allowed two executions to go ahead.

McAuliffe said he and his legal team had closely examined the case and concluded that “Mr. Morva was given a fair trial and that the jury heard substantial evidence about his mental health as they prepared to…

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