No Proportion Kept: Within the Belly of the US’s Star-spangled Leviathan

Ha, ha! keep time: how sour sweet music is,
When time is broke and no proportion kept!
So is it in the music of men’s lives.

— Richard II’s lament from Act 5, Scene 5 of Shakespeare’s eponymous tragedy

Given the (great unspoken) fact, the wealth of Western civilisation’s ruling class was created by, and is maintained to this day by, genocidal conquer-lust and its attendant, imperialist aggression and plunder, the acts of mass murder being perpetrated by (mostly) White males in the US reflect a culture that deploys military and police state firepower to maintain its dominant status. As Malcolm X averred, the chickens have come home to roost. Moreover, if there does not arrive a rendezvous with reality and an honest reckoning with the fact, the Law Of Perpetual, Homicidal Poultry Returns will continue, ad infinitum.

When US troops in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan were deployed for missions outside their fortified compounds, base camps and “green zones,” they quipped they were proceeding into “Indian Country.” Acts of mass murder committed abroad by US military forces are mimicked by domestic freelancers. Their acts of violence cannot be separated and must be examined in light of the murderous repertoire, historic and present day, of the US military.

Moreover, brutality reigns and blow-back buffets a culture dependent on subduing large swathes of the world’s population in order to deliver ill-gotten resources to the homeland, all in an attempt to…

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