NEW DATA: Liberal Utopia Sweden Sees HUGE Bump In Molestation in 2016. Guess Why…

Louder With Crowder
March 7, 2017

Sweden is mostly famous for Volvos, ABBA, and crappy furniture. Seriously, putting together a desk from IKEA is like assembling a rocket ship. But hey, at least it has the durability of a cardboard box. Lucky you.

But in recent times, the Swedes have become known for something else… the raping. Lots of it. In fact, the Swedish can now take pride in being called the rape capital of the west.

Naturally, you’ll be wanting evidence to back up these claims. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Unlike a “queen sized” comforter from IKEA… Which may or may not have been designed for leprechauns. Turns out the data is quite telling. Straight from Uppsala, Sweden’s 4th largest city

Between summer 2015 and summer of 2016 were reported 57 cases of sexual molestation in central Uppsala. This is an increase of over 60 percent compared with the same period a year earlier. And during the same period, the increase was as much [in] personal robberies. The statistical increase is confirmed by the police in the external service, also experiencing a harsher climate and reduced respect for their profession.

Overall, this development means that it is a brand new street scene in Uppsala today compared to just a few years ago. Police will increase their presence in order to prevent and solve crimes.

It is a worrying development that we in the police field takes very seriously. Therefore, the police will [be] actively working with external collaboration partners to [solve] this problem, says Rickar Johansson, police area manager.

In case you need more evidence, peep our long list of things happening in Sweden here. Spoiler: It’s mostly rape. With a dash of terrorism (see Frightened Swedes Wear Bulletproof Vests Because Terrorism. Parliament Crack Down… on the Vests?!). The reason behind all of this? Sweden embraces socialism and open borders. Hence the…

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