Movies of the Semi-Great Depression

95 million Americans are out of the workforce, millions are losing their wholly inadequate Obamacare, half can’t afford a $400 emergency and the Satanic minions in Washington DC just approved $729 million more to move the rubble around in Afghanistan. Trump ups the obscene military budget by $56 billion but the righteous US Congress rebels — and increases it to $80 billion. The American monster is hungry, angry, restless for its war fix — what people will it destroy next: Iranians, North Koreans, Venezuelans? There’s no relief anywhere from the madness of America.

It’s a semi-Great Depression and I’m sometimes asked to “resist” by joining Russophobic “progressives” in rallies against “hate” instead of tying protests to demands like: Medicare for all, gut the Pentagram, abolish the CIA, get out of southwest Asia and break up monopolies like Google and Amazon. Call me when the plan is to hang neocons on meat hooks and bankers on lamp posts while singing “The Night They Drove Old Bridgehampton Down.” Otherwise, I’m doing what my mother and grandparents did for five cents each to briefly escape the real Great Depression — go to the movies. Wanna go with me?

500 Years: Life in Resistance: Indigenous Guatemalans do what the lowliest serfs in the world — the American working class — would never do: raise holy hell against their military and government and attempt to hold leaders accountable for war crimes even if it takes decades to bring the…

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