Motel 6 sued for passing on guest information to ICE immigration officials


Motel 6 sued for passing on guest information to ICE immigration officials

Norisa Diaz

8 January 2018

Last week Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson filed suit against the budget chain Motel 6 for the systematic and daily practice of employees handing over guests’ personal information to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) authorities.

Ferguson told reporters that there were widespread practices at multiple Motel 6 locations where employees handed over the names, birthdates, driver’s license numbers, license-plate numbers and room numbers of at least 9,000 guests to immigration officials, without warrants. The lawsuit, which was filed in King County Superior Court, claims the hotel chain violated state and federal laws that protect consumers and those that guard against discrimination, as well as the state constitution.

The lawsuit follows an investigation which began last September when Antonia Farzan, a reporter for the Phoenix News Times, found a pattern of arrests of at least 20 people by ICE at Motel 6 locations in the Phoenix area, revealing that motel employees were passing along guests’ information following a nightly audit.

When the story broke in September, Raiza Rehkoff, a spokesperson from G6 Hospitality, the Texas-based parent company of Motel 6, announced that the practices was “implemented at the local level without the knowledge of senior management… When we became aware of it … it was discontinued.”

The company then issued a directive to each of their 1,400 locations nationwide, “making it clear that they are prohibited from voluntarily providing daily guest lists” to ICE.

Washington State contests this. “Motel 6 implied this was a local problem…We have found that is not true,” said Attorney General Ferguson. “It…

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