Mercenaries flown back to US after their arrest in Haitian capital


Mercenaries flown back to US after their arrest in Haitian capital

John Marion

22 February 2019

The threat of a military intervention in Haiti was demonstrated last Sunday afternoon, when five Americans, two Serbians, and one Haitian were arrested under circumstances that have no innocent explanation. Armed with pistols, assault rifles, drones, a telescope and three satellite phones, they were trying to gain access to the roof of the Banque de la Republique d’Haiti (BRH).

Neither of the two vehicles from which they were arrested had license plates showing. Prime Minister Jean-Henry Céant, whose secretary has an office directly opposite the bank, claims to be in possession of a letter from Behrman Motors documenting that one of the vehicles—a Ford Ranger with serial number SA2LPJJ77628—is registered in the name of Jean Fritz Jean-Louis, a former director of the national lottery. Jean-Louis joined President Moïse on his viewing stand at a Christmas parade in December. The Ford Ranger was purchased last August by Magalie Habitant, who at the time was Director of the Metropolitan Waste Collection Service. She was fired without notice last September.

The five Americans have been flown out of the country. While US agents made a show of arresting them as their American Airlines flight arrived in Miami, they skipped their scheduled court appearance in Haiti and, according to the Miami Herald, “ airport employees say the men seemed quite at ease and were taken inside the VIP diplomatic lounge to wait on the flight after their tickets were purchased at the counter. One of the two Serbians initially was not allowed to board the flight by Haitian immigration because he had no stamps showing where he resides. After a few calls were made, he was put on the flight.”


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