Meet the New Subversives

Editor’s note: The Left is adept at creating more foot soldiers for its misshapen legions. Their goal is the same as always: the destruction of the once hegemonic cultures of the West. The article presented below entitled “Meet The New Suffragettes” is set to appear in the February 2018 print issue of Vogue, high fashion’s flagship magazine. It is yet another bizarre battlefield in the ongoing culture war. The piece features an article and accompanying video that documents the purported trials and tribulations of politicians Stella Creasy and Sophie Walker, artist Gillian Wearing, webzine founder Liv Little, trans awareness campaigner Paris Lees, blogger Dina Torkia, and writer Reni Eddo-Lodge.  

For a disparate group of women who all seem to claim privileged victimhood status, they have done quite well for themselves. There is a false equivalency being made between these women and the force-fed, hunger striking Suffragettes of one hundred years ago that gained partial enfranchisement for women in Britain by way of the Representation of the People Act 1918. We are living in an inverted reality whereby claims of victimhood status opens the gates to ever higher levels of privilege, which have ironically been made possible by the very nature of Western Civilization itself. Please enjoy this example of subversive Leftist self-satisfaction and self-deception. Mundilfury.

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