I Don’t Support Injustice

The seed of ignorance
luring your soul
Your uncivilized
male chauvinism
– I don’t support these
Is there any specific reason
that I should support darkness?

The silly dates where
choice of make-ups
and dresses
were governed
by your whims
Materialistic marriages
having no survival guarantee
– these have never been
parts of my daydreams

I’m not bounded
to be your wife
I’m not bounded
to bear your kids
as I know for you
a woman is merely
an object of lust

I know how
to run my own race
I know how
to walk my own path

I’m not scared
as solitude is
my peaceful, pleasant
understanding companion

I’m not compelled
to accept your selfishness
I’m not compelled
to accept your mockery

Contrary to what you say
I would affirm
“Being born as a woman
is no sin
But undoubtedly
endless power
gifted to us
by Mother Earth”

I will not walk
hand in hand
with you
or any men
who disrespects women

I don’t support

Vatsala Radhakeesoon is a published Mauritian author/poet. She is the representative of Immagine and poesia for Mauritius, She is also a regular contributor of Different Truths Magazine and other literary journals and magazines. Her first poetry book When Solitude Speaks was published in 2013. Read other articles by Vatsala.

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