East London is One Big No-Go Zone for Whites

Yet another day and yet another vibrant attack. Blacks don’t need bombs or Allah to ruin a city.

This video shows what happens when a vibrant force meets a soft White object.

You will notice several things from the video. First and foremost is how badly the Whites defend themselves in this video AND how no one else defends them either:

At about the 15-second mark, another White guy comes into the frame. He watches on and does nothing. This is normal. After all, we are all rational, enlightened individuals in the West. While groups of Blacks seem to instinctively understand that it’s them vs the pale-skins, random White bystanders do not lift a finger.

But perhaps I am being too harsh. After the second White man is knocked out, some fashionable metrosexual Londoner comes to his aid, makes himself look big by waving his arms around and dissuading the Dindus from finishing off their kill.

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